Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sag Awards

Hello Beautty Addicts!

Award season is so exciting! Sunday night was the SAG Awards. 
Everyone looked so happy everyone looked beautiful. 

The first thing I notice, the trend of the night is pink lipstick and I love it. 
I've already jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself a beautiful pink lipstick. If you've notice, the color  is bright pink and matt, giving everyone wears it, a very glamorous look.

The first actor that I saw go up was Nicole Kidman.

She looked stunning her eye shadow was beautiful and so is the rest of her makeup. 

Next came Anne Hathaway..... 

May I just say perfection! From her hair to her makeup and that beautiful dress, to me she looks like what an actress should look like. 

Kerry Washington

 looks beautiful, very pretty and Loved the smokey eye.

Julianne Moore

looked very beautiful, her cheeks were very  pronounced & beautiful pink lips. 

Tina Fey 

She looked incredible. Her hair makeup & dress screamed I'm a Hollywood actress. 

Sofia Vergara 

She looked amazing as usual, I wish she would do more with her eyes, but she look great anyways.

Amy Poehler

She looked soo good! Again .... rocking the pink lips my only suggestion would be Thicker eyebrows.. Other than that she looks great.

Clair Danes 

To me she did look very well put together, but the makeup she was wearing didnt flatter her, it made her look tired.

Jennifer Lawrence

She looked Beautiful and classic.

Viola Davis 

Looked completely amazing. Her beautiful smokey eyes made her eyes look super sexy.

Overall so many actors and actresses looked completely amazing Sunday night, these were just  the ones that stood out for me. 

 If  I had to vote on my absolute favorite actress makeup and look for that night.... it would have to be 

Anne Hathaway

for me, she took the cake!

Who was your favorite? What was your favorite moment of the night?

Hope to hear from all of you Beauty Addicts!


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