Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Musings of a Makeup Artist (and a Wedding too!)

I had the privilege of being the makeup artist for Sharmil Bonilla's wedding.
She also happens to be my older sister! ;)

I love my big sis and I love the fact that she wanted me to be in charge of her wedding day look. I was so nervous. Not to mention, she was not the only one needing makeup done that day.

Now I've been in the makeup world for over 10 years, but I still to this day get that funny feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling of fear that the client may not like it! Trust me, my big sis is a perfectionist!

I got there super early (well on time, everyone else was late! hahah!) I decided to glam myself up while I waited. When she finally got there, it was like a storm!

"Where's my shoes? There!

Where's the other sister? Over there!

Is there food?

Has anyone seen my earrings?

How do I get into this dress?


But.... at the end of all the madness, my sister walked down the aisle looking beautiful as always.

I ended up doing makeup for six (yes, SIX) people that night.

As a makeup artist, you love the rush of having a customer sit in your chair and getting the job done fast and having the person leave loving their look. So needless to say, I loved doing makeup for my sister's wedding. Enjoy these pics!

Need a make-up artist? Contact Shaquira at or 786.879.2346


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