Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bloody sexy clown

Hello Beauty Addicts and welcome back!!

Today's tutorial is a little sexy, a little bloody, definitely twisted, but a must this Halloween.

Here is a list of ingredients and what else you can use if you don't have them:

Third Degree   or you could use wax or latex and cotton
Mehron paradise paint in black or you could use cream paints or eyeliner.
Ben Nye blood paste or you can make your own or buy any fro Halloween stores
bruise wheel or cream paints in the same tones
Eyeshadows from Juvias place or any that you have at home.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Tarte limited-edition wing workers deluxe tarteist eyeliner set

Hello Beauty addicts! 

Welcome back to my Blog, Today I wanted to talk about the Tarte Cosmetics Wing Workers Eyeliner set. Let me begin by saying that the Tartiest is my favorite eyeliner, I been using it since it first came out. 

What I Love About It:

  • Consistency
  • Vibrancy
  • Longevity

Makeup Artists are always looking for the best in eyeliners and to me this is it!

Ok, what you came for.. This set is super cute!! I love the colors they picked for the set. 

Black     Blue    Gold    Burgundy 

They are all useful for a makeup artist, and not too wild. My personal favorite is the burgundy...omg this color!! 
The consistency and vibrancy is the same and even this small amount will last a while, so I believe for the price at $35 is worth it!

My only complain is that some of the colors came a little watery and the tubes seemed a little empty, but once you squeeze the tube you get the product. Other than that I love these.... and hey maybe my batch was the only that came that way!

Tell me:

Did you buy these?
Which color is your favorite?
Did you like this blog post?

I love to hear from you guys so please don't be shy!

See you all in the next blog! 

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Friday, October 7, 2016

NYX Professional Makeup Store

Hello Beauty Adiicts!

I had the awesome opportunity to visit the recently opened NXY store in Orlando located in The Mall at Millenia.

It was everything i dreamed and more! You know when you sike yourself out because you don't want to be too excited... I was telling myself... gurrl... its just Nyx you can get that at Ulta, Walgreens, Target.. ect,, so what's the big deal.

OMG... the big deal is, that there's so much more!! everything you see online is at the store. The Joy of not having to wait, getting to try all the products it's great!

I loved the store, it's like being inside the website.. it looks the same! I played with all products touched everything and came out looking like a colorful mess.

Moral of the story children, is you truly are a beauty addict and you live near a Nyx store.. don't be shy, go in, the staff is friendly and willing to help, the store is fully stocked and it's just fun to be there!

The store is 4 hours away from me, but i was in the area visiting the theme parks.. but one of the employees told me that there is talk that a Miami store is opening soon so I researched and found that the are hiring for a Nyx store in Ft. Lauderdale, it's not Miami but it's only 30 min away soo YAY!!

I went in to simply Vlog about the store.... that was the plan.. instead I ended up spending $76 dollars! 
Totally worth it!

HD PHOTOGENIC CONCEALER WAND $5.00 (haven't tried it)

SCULPT & HIGHLIGHT BROW CONTOUR $10.00 (great pay off )

MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY - MATTE $8.00 (i've had a love affair with this for a while)

STAY MATTE BUT NOT FLAT POWDER FOUNDATION $9.50 (great powder foundation good coverage)

FLAWLESS FINISH BLENDING SPONGE $8.00 (SO good! it expands and blends as well as a beauty blender but a lot less!) 

INVINCIBLE FULLEST COVERAGE FOUNDATION $12.00 (great coverage and long lasting)

STROBE OF GENIUS ILLUMINATING PALETTE $19 (great pay off and great for the price)

Here is a video of my adventure

Thank you all for coming to my blog! 

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